Professional Development Eligibility and Application

Eligibility and Requirements

U.S teachers of all disciplines and backgrounds are welcome. No prior computer science knowledge or computer programming experience is required. Teachers interested in participating in the Mobile CSP Professional Development (PD) must meet the following requirements: 

Requirements for all Mobile CSP PD Participants

  • Be a U.S. high school teacher.
  • Submit a completed application including a 2-page resume.
  • Have appropriate technology available, including student access to Google accounts, wifi, and mobile devices (see the IT Checklist).
  • Commit approximately 30 hours per week to course work during the four week summer PD.
  • Participate in periodic PD sessions during the school year.

Additional Requirements for Research Participants
(includes an NSF stipend)

  • Teach at least one section of the Mobile CSP course either as AP or non AP (No shadowing or co-teaching).
  • Share student performance, demographic, and other data with the Mobile CSP project. 

Application Process

NOTE:  If you are applying as research participant (with a stipend) the application will require you to  provide a principal’s consent via the principal’s approval form. This includes acknowledgement of and agreement to offer the course, to recruit an appropriate number of students of the targeted demographic (females, minority students, and disabled students) as well as collect student research data. *Note: Please consult your administrator or district assessment coordinator to confirm your school’s ability to share student data and participate in the research portion of the project. Copies of questionnaires and consent forms are available upon request to

If applying to the Mobile CSP Research Project, please note that a limited number of spots are available. Priority will be given to schools that serve high numbers of underrepresented students (women and minorities), schools with high levels of free and reduced lunch, and those not currently offering an AP computer science course.

Questions? See our FAQ or email us at and include your name, school name, and location.

Round 1 applications due March 1, decisions made March 15
Round 2 applications due March 31, decisions made April 15
After March 31, applications for the regional PDs will be considered on a rolling basis until June 15
Applications for the online PD are now closed
Immersion Week Deadline is June 15th