Privacy & Terms of Use

The Mobile CSP course,,  includes content for the Mobile CSP Curriculum.

Successful completion of required assessments will be recorded, and records will be maintained for 180 days after the conclusion of the course.
Terms of Use: Participants are expected to comply with the academic honesty policies of The College of St. Scholastica (CSS) and Trinity College. It is expected that all assessments are to be completed by each participant independently except for collaborative work. The Colleges policies relating to academic honesty, as specified in the Student Handbook, will be followed.
Academic Honesty and Integrity:  Academic honesty and integrity are highly valued in our online community. Academic honesty directly concerns ethical behaviors which affect both the academic environment and the civic community. Academic dishonestly seriously violates the integrity of the academic enterprise and will not be tolerated. The full text of the CSS Academic Honesty Policy is found in the Student Handbook online.
Internet Etiquette: Participants are also expected to comply with standards of our community and to demonstrate Internet etiquette in their interactions with others and their use of online resources. Failure to comply with these standards may result in removal from the course.
Privacy and Data:
  • Data collected by the course curriculum site is for educational use only and will not be sold or shared with outside parties in any way.
  • Analytics data regarding participant interaction with course materials will be collected and analyzed in the aggregate only.
  • Email addresses are requested only by the curriculum site for registration and access to the course materials. They are not used for communication and will not be shared with outside parties. 
  • Student data is protected by industry accepted standards and encrypted in transit or at rest.
  • Students may elect to unenroll from the course online at any time and may delete all of the data associated with their account at that time.  Parents of students may also request the deletion of their data by contacting